S-bahn in filderstadt: ob sees the only way every 15 minutes

Around 10,000 commuters use the route to Filderstadt every day. Photo: Julia Bosch archive

From a technical point of view, the S-Bahn could already commute to Filderstadt-Bernhausen at a faster pace. The mayor of Filderstadt annoys that it doesn’t do it and that it could stay that way for a while.

Filderstadt – The mayor of Filderstadt, Christoph Traub, responded to the news that the Stuttgart Region Association would recommend the transport committee not to introduce the 15-minute cycle for the S-Bahn to Filderstadt-Bernhausen as early as 2021. The Greens in the regional parliament had made a corresponding request. According to the administration of the association, it should first be waited, because "due to the mixed traffic with long-distance and regional trains", "further coordination in the ongoing discussions on the Stuttgart 21 destination timetable is necessary".

In his letter to the group chairmen of the regional assembly, Traub summarized on two and a half pages why he considers the recommendation of the association administration to be a mistake. The Transport Committee is due to decide on November 18.

The VVS is discussing introducing a 15-minute cycle across the network. And it is clear that such a clock to Filderstadt is already technically possible, writes Traub in his letter. "Even if there are reasons against it, it is incomprehensible why the existing option is wiped off the table with just three sentences and a reference to future developments in connection with the long-distance train station at the airport," says an annoyed Traub.

The main argument of the mayor of Filderstadt is that there is an urgent need to invest in local public transport in order to solve the traffic problems – including on the Fildern. “The switch from road to rail and the production of travel chains are virtually thwarted,” writes Christoph Traub. For him, everything speaks for not waiting any longer. His letter shows that he would have liked to see the 15-minute cycle to Filderstadt-Bernhausen the next time the timetable changed. After all, around 10,000 commuters are on the route every day.