Public service: 4.8 percent despite empty coffers?

Daycare workers, carers, garbage collectors: they are what the collective bargaining for the public service is all about. The unions demand 4.8 percent. “Completely excessive,” say employers. How can an agreement be reached??

The signs for the collective bargaining in the public sector that are starting today are anything but favorable. Because the demands of both sides are far apart. In any case, there is a risk of an uncomfortable wage dispute.

Who is the negotiation about??

2.3 million collective bargaining employees are directly affected by the outcome of the negotiations. Among other things, daycare teachers, garbage collectors, bus drivers and airport employees. According to the unions, the result will be transferred to more than 200,000 civil servants.

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Mass protests against labor market reform in rome

In Rome, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets against Prime Minister Renzi’s labor market reforms. But he doesn’t even think about giving in to the pressure. The stumbling block: Renzi plans to relax employee protection in the first few years of employment.

By Gregor Hoppe, ARD radio studio Rome

Italy’s unions have taken a position against a government that up to now has been more likely to be attributed to one’s own camp. The chairman of the largest trade union confederation in Italy, Susanna Camusso, has a bellicose voice: "We are not delegating the worker’s cause to anyone else, we remain obsessed with the high unemployment in the country and struck by the expressions of young women and men who ask whether they have a future here and a job. "

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12 Great methods to reward awesome staff without breaking the lender

If you cannot afford to provide your employees a increase, these options will help you make certain they think appreciated.

Views expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are actually their own.

Your organization is nothing at all without the staff and team members that produce the wheels turn time in and day trip. Rewarding hard-working staff is a straightforward and effective method to tell them how much they will be appreciated, that may then result in increased productivity and end result.

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Shipping and handling essentials

You have your inventory squared away. Now you will need to take into account how you’ll get it to your visitors. Fulfillment–speeding that package from your own garage or warehouse to your customer’s door–is possibly the single most significant thing that can be done in your operation apart from effective marketing. Failure to supply prompt fulfillment can lead to more complaints, cancellations, refusals of c.o.d. payments and nightmares than simply about other things in the mail order entrepreneur’s world.

So just how do you want to get those packages to your visitors? You’ve seen it commercials. Your primary choices will be the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx. Most mail order mavens use UPS for packages because it’s generally cheaper than FedEx, faster compared to the postoffice, and has better tracking capabilities for all those nightmarish lost items compared to the postoffice. It pays to shop around. Both FedEx and UPS offer various discounts when you setup an account, so make sure to ask–and do not forget to negotiate!

Check out your loss ratio when deciding whether to invest just a little and ship U.S. Post or spend more and ship UPS, advises Tony Romano of most USA, an Illinois-based call center and fulfillment service. If the merchandise you’re sending costs significantly less than $50, go on and ship first-class or priority mail. Whether it’s a lot more than $50, spend the excess dollars to send it UPS and get tracking capability.

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5 Methods to avoid the drama of kelly and michael whenever a partner leaves

In the wake of Michael Strahan’s announcement to leave "Live! With Kelly and Michael," much has emerged about how exactly Kelly Ripa was at night about his departure.

Frequently, business partners, founders, executives and entrepreneurs move to work within new environments and initiatives. Navigating big changes like these represent critical moments that may either strengthen or weaken a business.

Given that Kelly has returned to the show, it really is evident that insufficient transparency between your two partners, and with executive management, can have nefarious outcomes. Not merely will the network need to make amends with their beloved co-host, however the tension between Kelly and Michael may plague the show and encourage tabloid headlines for months to come.

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Getting ultimately more women to tech conferences starts with the firms that send them

A report of keynote and featured speaker lineups at 18 major tech conferences during the last 3 years found a 1:4 male/female ratio.

A public restroom isn’t always where for conversation, but at AWS: Reinvent 2017, it had been the perfect setting to start out a significant one.

I never intended my experience to attract so much attention, however the scene before me was much too telling never to share: At a conference with an increase of than 40,000 attendees, the women’s restroom was almost completely empty . Not merely did the photo I snapped resonate on Twitter — where women replied by sharing their own barren tech-conference restroom photos — but news outlets like quickly joined in.

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Sc freiburg before bayern: sc coach streich speaks of “message in the book of the century”

Coach Christian Streich is happy about the victory of SC Freiburg. Photo: AFP / THOMAS KIENZLE

When SC Freiburg played in the Bundesliga against VfL Wolfsburg, it had long looked like a goalless draw. Then a remarkable hit made the decision late. SC trainer Christian Streich spoke of a "message in the book of the century".

Freiburg – Freiburg’s artistic goal scorer Jonathan Schmid had a "good" feeling even before his free-kick was well worth seeing. "I thought if I hit it right, he could go in," said the French midfielder after the 1-0 (0-0) against VfL Wolfsburg. With his shot from around 25 meters, Schmid ensured the sporting climax and the late decision in the 85th minute in a poor Bundesliga game with only a few chances to score.

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Sheryl sandberg reflects on her behalf husband’s death and how she bounced back

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and founder of, delivered Virginia Tech’s commencement speech for the graduating class of 2017 on Friday, May 12. You can view it in the video (her remarks start at 1:12:23) and read her “as prepared” transcript below.

Hello Hokies!

President Sands, esteemed faculty and staff, proud parents, devoted friends, squirming siblings … congratulations to all or any of you. & most of most, congratulations to the Virginia Tech class of 2017!

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Saxony-anhalt postpones advice on broadcasting fees

The media committee of the Magdeburg state parliament postponed the consultation on the broadcasting fee on Wednesday. This gives the coalition parties another week to negotiate. The media committee is due to meet again next Wednesday to discuss the adjustment of license fees. The MPs then decide on a recommendation to the state parliament, which has the last word in mid-December.

In the dispute over the radio license, a premature end of the black-red-green coalition in Saxony-Anhalt has been averted for the time being. The media committee postponed a vote on a resolution recommendation for the state parliament on Wednesday. The MPs decided at noon to continue the deliberations next Wednesday. This gives me a week’s break. The time should be used for further discussions.

The parliament is then expected to finally vote on the State Treaty on the broadcasting license fee in mid-December.

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Getting ultimately more than you asked for with tomtom telematics

When Interstate Bus Lines started searching for a new telematics provider, TomTom Telematics was the most obvious choice. After they made their decision though, they got greater than a telematics system. They got a business support system.

With 258 buses in its fleet, Interstate Bus Lines’ biggest focus is on customer support. Whether a bus in its fleet is transporting local commuters or has been hired by an exclusive client, service delivery is paramount – from being promptly to ensuring the safety and comfort of travellers.

As an RTMS (Road Transport Management System) accredited transport company, Interstate puts quality first.

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