Saxony-anhalt: "somehow we managed to achieve something together"

After a turbulent day for the CDU in Saxony-Anhalt, the coalition is still fighting for a solution. The SPD calls for a clear demarcation from the AfD. There are also more and more voices from the federal parties.

In Saxony-Anhalt, after the dismissal of Interior Minister Holger Stahlknecht and his resignation as CDU state chief, no solution to the coalition crisis is in sight. Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU) must now not only avert a break with the coalition partners SPD and Greens, he must also hold together the opposing forces in his party on the way there.

The SPD meanwhile wants to hold on to the coalition. Following a video conference by the party council, state chairwoman Juliane Kleemann said: "Everyone who took part in the discussion was deeply concerned to hear what is currently at stake in Saxony-Anhalt." This not only affects the goal of preventing right-wing extremists from exerting influence on state politics, but also the ability to act in the fight against the corona pandemic. "The Kenya coalition as a ‘bulwark against the right’ must not be jeopardized. The CDU is responsible for maintaining the foundations of this state government," said Kleemann.

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Public service: breakthrough in the collective bargaining dispute

In the civil service collective bargaining conflict, the conflicting parties have agreed on a compromise. This provides for a three-stage increase in income. Criticism of the agreement came from the municipalities.

The collective bargaining conflict in the public service of the federal government and municipalities has been resolved. Employers and unions achieved a breakthrough in the negotiations for the approximately 2.3 million employees during the night.

According to Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer and ver.di boss Frank Bsirske, the agreement includes wage increases of around 7.5 percent over the entire term of 30 months. "It’s the best result in many years," said Bsirske. There is particularly high growth in the areas in which the public service has the greatest personnel problems – such as with specialists and executives, technicians, engineers and IT specialists.

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Public service and public transport: where there is a strike?

The ver.di union and the German Association of Officials are continuing their warning strikes this week. This time too, public transport and municipal facilities such as daycare centers and nursing homes are affected.

Who is striking for what?

There are currently warning strikes in two collective bargaining disputes: in the public service of the federal government and municipalities and in local public transport. Ver.di and the German Association of Officials (dbb) are demanding 4.8 percent more money per month, at least 150 euros, for a contract period of twelve months for the nationwide 2.3 million employees of the federal government and municipalities. The remuneration of the trainees is to be increased by 100 euros, the partial retirement regulations are to be improved and the working hours in the east are to be aligned with those in the west. Two rounds of negotiations have ended unsuccessfully, a third is for the 22./23. Scheduled for October.

Ver.di calls for nationwide collective bargaining for the 87,000 employees in local public transport. So-called sectoral collective agreements are currently in force there, and they differ greatly from state to state. Therefore, the union would like to supplement this against a nationwide uniform regulation. Public transport is also part of the public service, but the two collective bargaining conflicts have nothing to do with each other.

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Ex-troika: greeks speak to "institution" again

It is no longer called the Troika, but the experts from the IMF, ECB and EU are still the same. Three weeks after the election, representatives of the Greeks started talks with the "institution". A common line is sought in the debt dispute.

By Ralph Sina, WDR radio studio Brussels

As if there had been no new elections in Greece at all, representatives of the Troika and financial experts from Athens sit together in Brussels, just like in the days of the Samaras government that was voted out of office. "The Greek Prime Minister Tsipras and the head of the Eurogroup Dijsselbloem agreed that negotiations had to take place immediately," said the spokesman for the EU Commission. Because the EU finance ministers will meet their Greek counterpart Yanis Varoufakis again next Monday.

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Saxony-anhalt: district politician moritz resigns from the cdu

For days, the CDU has been discussing how to deal with the district politician Moritz, who is controversial because of neo-Nazi contacts. Now, according to a letter, he is stepping down from the party to "avert further damage."

The CDU district executive Robert Moritz, who is controversial because of contacts with right-wing extremists, is apparently leaving the party. That said the general secretary of the state association Saxony-Anhalt, Sven Schulze.

In a letter from the politician from Saxony-Anhalt dated Friday, it says, according to "Welt", that he is asking for the "immediate resignation of all internal party functions and the immediate exit from the CDU". "In order to avert further damage to the party and to pacify political discussions, I would like to send a personal signal," the newspaper quoted from the letter. "Sometimes you need to reflect on the real priorities in life." At the same time Moritz asserted that he felt deeply connected to the values โ€‹โ€‹of the CDU and represented them in full.

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Saxony-anhalt: haseloff dismisses interior minister

A government crisis threatens in Saxony-Anhalt in the dispute over the radio license. After Interior Minister Stahlknecht had brought a CDU minority government into play, Prime Minister Haseloff kicked him out.

Saxony-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff has State Interior Minister Holger Stahlknecht dismissed. During the Prime Minister’s ongoing efforts to stabilize the "Kenya coalition", Stahlknecht had "uncoordinated" and "publicly suggested the breach of the coalition and the possibility of a minority government formed solely by the CDU," declared the State Chancellery.

Haseloff emphasized that, especially in view of the corona pandemic, his goal was still to "lead a government that is capable of acting in every respect and that also has reliable majorities in the state parliament". The relationship of trust necessary for this, which is particularly necessary in the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior, was "so severely disturbed by Stahlknecht’s actions that he can no longer belong to the state government". He has already given Stahlknecht the certificate of discharge.

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Public service: tens of thousands in warning strikes

Employees in the public sector have once again stopped working, including in daycare centers, clinics and in garbage disposal. The wage dispute will continue on Thursday – but the positions are still far apart.

Shortly before the start of the third round of negotiations on the collective bargaining dispute in the public service, tens of thousands of employees in numerous regions of Germany again stopped working.

In North Rhine-Westphalia alone, 30,000 federal and municipal employees were involved in the warning strike, the union ver.di announced. In Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, more than 10,000 strikers came together, in Baden-Wurttemberg there were around 5,000, in Hamburg and Berlin around 4,000 each.

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Protests in the us: can trump use the military?

The US Department of Defense has relocated 1,600 soldiers to Washington. US President Trump had announced that he wanted to use them in the protests against racism and police violence. But is he allowed to?

Following the announcement by US President Donald Trump that he wanted to use the military to stop the riots on the sidelines of the protests against racism and police violence, the US Department of Defense moved around 1,600 soldiers to Washington.

The military police and infantrymen are ready to intervene if necessary, a spokesman for the Defense Ministry said. Minister Mark Esper ordered the relocation of the soldiers, it said.

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Massive cost increases in sachsenheim: lessons for school building planning

Containers and excavators are evidence of action, but nobody in Sachsenheim can say when the major work on the school will actually begin. Photo: factum / Granville

The renovation of the Burgfeldschule is becoming more and more expensive, but the local politicians are taking it with composure.

Sachsenheim – It may be school holidays, but the Burgfeld School in Sachsenheim is not getting any rest. Not only that parents and students get upset because the interim classrooms are occupied by asylum seekers – and are therefore not available to the children. However, and that is another reason for the unrest, they don’t have to. Because the school renovation continues to be delayed. Which is why the school also keeps the city administration and city councils busy. Which is mainly due to the fact that it is becoming more and more expensive. 12.3 million euros: This is how much the renovation and conversion of the Burgfeld School into a community school cost – as of now.

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Mass protests in thailand: prime minister refuses to resign

Despite the ban on gatherings, thousands of people have taken to the streets in Thailand again. They are calling for more democracy and a reform of the monarchy. The government is resisting it with might – and vehemently refuses to resign.

Thousands of people took to the streets again in the Thai capital, Bangkok. They are calling for new elections, a constitutional change and a reform of the monarchy. The government tried to stop the protests.

The police cordoned off streets and set up barricades at a central intersection where demonstrators wanted to gather as they did the day before. There were closings in local transport to prevent demonstrators from arriving. Police in riot gear were transferred to the area. Shopping centers in the otherwise overcrowded business district closed earlier. The protest movement announced that it would gather at another intersection.

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