Getting clients is hard!

No-one ever said that growing your business will be easy, but here’s one mindset shift you can create to find success.

In the spring of 2017, I spent seven weeks traveling for speaking events, networking opportunities and meetings with prospects and partners. In all honesty, by enough time the seventh week hit, this amount of travel simply sucked.

I really do this seven- to eight-week jaunt twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. And among, I typically have a couple of additional trips every month. It really is exhausting.

The good thing about the travel is that it is also lots of fun, and most of that time period, it’s profitable (though not necessarily). Periodically I can’t remember which city I’m in, however in my 17 years to be self-employed, I’ve yet to find anything that beats face-to-face meetings.

No Productivity Hack Will Ever Eliminate EFFORT

There’s no better way to build long-term relationships and loyal clients than breaking bread and having a few drinks with them, which is strictly why I continue steadily to do it.

Sure, there is that one guy out of 10,000 who claims it really is easy. Sure, you will find someone who could make a small number of sales on Facebook for $1.25 per sale. But also for these exceptions to the rule, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to allow them to scale past a few thousand dollars in revenue.

Sure, there are always a handful of these kinds making millions, however they aren’t small-business owners or small service-based businesses (professional services or elsewhere) as if you. Why? Because getting customers is hard.

You can easily be mesmerized by the stunning sounds of cheap and easy clients, however in 99 percent of cases, it really is absolute BS. In your business career, what has lasted that is a breeze?

When someone lets you know “Give me $1, and I’ll offer you $5 back,” you understand, deep down, they aren’t being truthful. They aren’t likely to take your dollar and do all of the work to help you take a seat on the beach. That might be nice if that’s just how it worked, but that’s not reality.

Whenever a customer cancels, it’s exhausting and difficult to acquire clients, and it’s because of this that cancellations will be the bane of business growth.

To Keep Buyers From Cheating you, CONTINUALLY BE Loyal to Them

Within the last few years, I’ve reached know the CEOs of a couple companies that produce 100 million dollars or even more per year, and guess what happens they concentrate on? Their churn (cancellation) number. They lose sleep over it. They fight to keep their customers, plus they make plans and spend millions from the budget to be sure nobody leaves.

But why? It’s what I’ve been saying all along, getting clients is hard. They know they’ll never hit their growth goals without keep a close eye on the amount of customers who go out the entranceway.

Often, whenever we small-business guys hear about things big business guys are doing, we ignore it. We tell ourselves they are so big that that’s the only reason it works for them. But business fundamentals will be the same for both large and small companies.

Are you aware your churn number year to date? How about last month? You won’t ever achieve real, sustainable growth until you realize this number and budget to diminish it, because eventually you’ll come to a spot where you’ll be losing nearly as much customers as you add every month. When that time hits, growth has stopped.