Extremism in the police: scholz announces racism study

"There will be a study" – says Vice Chancellor Scholz about the debate about racism in German security authorities. Interior Minister Seehofer had specifically rejected this last. Even now there is apparently still a disagreement about the title of the study.

Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that the federal government wanted to investigate racism within the police. "There will be a study," said the SPD politician loudly WDR. "We’re still thinking about what to call them." He exchanges ideas "every other day" with Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

According to information from the "Rheinische Post", a solution is emerging. Seehofer has repeatedly rejected a racism study that only focuses on the police. However, he was open to investigating the security authorities as part of a comprehensive study on racism in society.

Scholz: "The solution has to be that we investigate"

As recently as last week, the CSU politician emphasized that "we have no structural problem with right-wing extremism in the federal and state security authorities". Scholz criticized the WDR podcast: "A study should have been commissioned long ago." The solution must be that this be investigated.

Scholz further explained in the WDR that in a study it was the difficulty of finding a way that would make it possible "that the unbelievably large majority of police officers who do a good job try very hard and do everything right, do not mean themselves feel".

Seehofer: Do not put the police under general suspicion

After the exposure of right-wing extremist chat groups of police officers in several federal states, the SPD had already requested a comprehensive racism study from the police. However, Seehofer had argued that it was wrong to focus solely on the security authorities when investigating this phenomenon. That would put the police under general suspicion, he said.

Now the discussion within the Union amounts to a solution consisting of three different studies, reported the "Rheinische Post", citing the North Rhine-Westphalian Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU). The SPD interior ministers should follow the path taken by Seehofer, "party political bickering" should not exist on this important issue, Reul told the newspaper.

Three different studies as a solution?

According to this, there should be a separate analysis of the facts from the situation report of the protection of the constitution on right-wing extremism in the security authorities and this report should be extended to the entire public service.

In addition, a comprehensive study of racism in all areas of society will be commissioned without restricting this to professional groups. Finally, a study is to be added that investigates the motivation of police candidates, the everyday life of the police and the violence against the police.