Ex-wirecard manager marsalek went into hiding in belarus?

Immigration registers indicate that the former deputy chief of Wirecard may have gone to Belarurs. Marsalek has been on the run since his release in June. He is considered a key figure in the fraud scandal.

According to a report, the fleeting ex-board member of the Munich-based financial services provider Wirecard, Jan Marsalek, could be in Belarus. In the Russian entry and exit register, which also includes neighboring Belarus, an entry for Marsalek can be found just hours after his exemption from Wirecard, reported the magazine "Der Spiegel".

Reference to a "one-time flight"

Marsalek entered Belarus shortly after midnight via the airport in the capital Minsk on the night of June 18-19. The "Spiegel" referred to joint research with the investigative platforms "Bellingcat" from Great Britain, "The Insider" from Russia and "McClatchy Report" from the USA. 

How exactly the ex-manager came to Belarus is unclear. No flight number was noted in the Russian databases for his entry. There is only an indication of a "one-time flight". A re-departure of Marsalek has not yet been recorded in the databases. This indicates that the manager is still in Belarus or Russia.

Marsalek does not want to face

In June it was initially speculated that Marsalek was in the Philippines or China. However, it was then revealed that Filipino immigration officials had falsified data in order to simulate the entry and onward journey of the former Wirecard board member. Marsalek was responsible for day-to-day operations at the payment service provider. Because of the accounting scandal, he was released on June 18 and released on June 22.

Wirecard had admitted that the annual balance sheet is missing 1.9 billion euros and that the money probably does not exist at two Filipino banks. The stock exchange price of the DAX group crashed, the company filed for bankruptcy. In the case, the public prosecutor’s office in Munich I. Marsalek had his lawyer explain that he did not want to face justice.