S-bahn car park in filderstadt-bernhausen: 40 parking spaces blocked as a precaution

Barrier tapes mark the area in which it is not possible to park. Photo: Thomas Kramer

On Tuesday, during a routine check in the S-Bahn parking garage in Filderstadt-Bernhausen, cracks were discovered in a carrier. Where do they come from and what’s next?

Bernhausen – If you want to park your vehicle in the P + R parking garage at the S-Bahn station in Bernhausen these days, you may have more problems finding a free parking space at the moment. Around 40 of the 350 parking spaces have been cordoned off with white and red plastic straps since Tuesday. The reason for this is damage to one of the internal, vertical steel girders in the eastern area of ​​the building. "During his regular routine checks, the parking attendant discovered cracks around one and a half meters long on two floors," says Jan Meier from the Filderstadt municipal utility, which operates the car park. As a precaution, mobile supports were set up in this area to relieve the girder and to avoid further damage. Parking is not possible there for the time being. "There is no danger to safety," emphasizes Meier, who immediately called in specialist engineers to have the damage assessed. The engineers are now also carefully examining other parts of the parking garage. “A point with corrosion was discovered in the area of ​​the charging station,” says Meier.

According to initial assumptions, the cause of the cracks was 20 years ago when the parking garage was built. “It is possible that tensions were generated in the pipe during welding work, which over the years led to the cracks that are now visible,” says the Stadtwerke boss, who himself was surprised at first. It is unclear how quickly these cracks appeared. With the help of experts, they are now working flat out on a solution to how the damage can be repaired. “We know how important parking spaces are,” says Meier. According to the statements of the experts, further closures are not necessary according to the current status.

In autumn, the municipal utilities commissioned an investigation into the condition of the parking garage, which should form the basis for a maintenance plan. Meier wants to prevent small ones from turning into larger – and therefore more expensive – damage.