Protests in the us after the death of george floyd

New York police officers near an explosion as they clash with protesters during a protest march in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City.

On Sunday night, too, there were clashes between demonstrators and the police in many US cities. This is where New York police officers clash with protesters in Brooklyn.

A vehicle burns in Pittsburgh during a protest against the death of George Floyd

In many cities – like here in Pittsburgh – cars were also on fire.

Police advance against protesters in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis in the north of the USA is the starting point of the current riots. George Floyd was killed here because of a police operation. Thousands of national guardsmen are now also on duty.

A photographer runs away from a police column.

A photographer runs away from a police column in Minneapolis: Numerous journalists were attacked during the riots – by rioters, but also by police officers.

Demonstration in Raleigh, North Carolina

The more spectacular riot images often overlay the fact that many people across the country – like here in Raleigh – marched peacefully through the streets.

Protesters gather outside a Minneapolis police station.

Protesters also gathered peacefully in front of a police station in Minneapolis.

Las Vegas: A protester with a white handprint painted on her neck with "I can’t breathe" written below it speaks into a megaphone during a peaceful protest.

Las Vegas: A white handprint is painted on the neck of a protester and "I can’t breathe" is written. The quote is believed to be one of the last utterances George Floyd made before his death.

Las Vegas: Police officers clash with protesters

On the other hand, there are also these images: Las Vegas – Police officers collide with protesters and push a person to the ground. According to calculations by the AP news agency, 1,400 people were arrested across the country last night

Police officer in Los Angeles

A Los Angeles police officer prepares to fire rubber bullets.

Victim of pepper spray use in Denver

A woman was sprayed with pepper spray near the Capitol in Denver.

People stand in front of a damaged shop one block from the White House in Washington DC.

There was also looting almost everywhere. People stand in front of a damaged shop in Washington – just one block from the White House.