Saxony-anhalt: another cdu member resigned from uniter

The CDU in Saxony-Anhalt and how it deals with right-wing extremists – the debate has been going on for months, most recently because of the district council member Moritz from the Anhalt-Bitterfeld district. Now other CDU members are suspected of having connections to a controversial association. Two of them left the club at the weekend.

In the debate about the CDU district politician Moritz, another CDU member has withdrawn from the controversial Uniter Association explained. The man from Bernburg has not been a member of Uniter since December 14th. This emerges from a letter of resignation from the association, which is available to the German Press Agency.

It was previously known that there are apparently several politicians in Saxony-Anhalt’s CDU with ties to Uniter. The reports the editorial network Germany. According to this, other officials at Uniter are said to have been or are still active.

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5 Tips for building adaptivity into your business design

Why do 75 percent of most technology startups fail? The shortcoming to adapt.

According to Mashable, successful startups are “flexible enough to shift with changes in the tech climate. Whereas with the failed startups… you will find a lack of foresight which can have saved their companies." Is practical, right? Technology evolves quickly. Maturing with it is important.

Adapt or die.

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Shocking allegations against global ad agency ceo detail all you don’t want your workplace to be

Some stories cause you to shake your head, while some cause you to shake with anger.

I was compelled to accomplish both when I read a tale, first reported in the brand new York Post recently, regarding shocking allegations raised in a workplace harassment lawsuit against Gustavo Martinez, the chairman and ceo of the J. Walter Thompson (JWT) advertising agency.

It’s reported that Martinez ascended to the CEO role this past year at JWT, a division of publicly traded WWP Group, and has since demonstrated a pattern of vulgarity and vitriol fond of female employees, African Americans and Jews concerning make caustic presidential candidate Donald Trump seem quaint and thoughtful in comparison.

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5 Tips for business success from martha stewart, bobbi brown & other power women

It takes too much to build an empire. Take it from those who’ve done it.

Six of the best-known ladies in business sat down on Wednesday for a leadership roundtable at Martha Stewart’s second annual American Made event in NEW YORK. The function serves as a venue for successful entrepreneurs of most stripes to network and showcase their goods.

Within their discussion, cosmetics bigwig Bobbi Brown, fitness entrepreneur Tracy Anderson and many other all-star business leaders including media mogul Martha Stewart herself, shared a number of the keys with their success.

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