Mask requirement in the bundestag by order of schauble

The corona virus is spreading further – in some Berlin districts it is currently particularly strong. Bundestag President Schauble tightened the rules in the Bundestag: From today a mask is mandatory.

In the German Bundestag there is an obligation to wear mouth and nose protection from Tuesday. "The President of the Bundestag has decided to order a general mask requirement in parliament because the development of the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic has to be taken very seriously," said the parliamentary administration in Berlin.

The order is initially limited to January 17th. So far, there has only been one recommendation for the Bundestag to wear a mask. Parts of the capital currently exceed the threshold of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days, which applies to a risk area within Germany.

Speakers are allowed to take off masks

The mask requirement applies "to all rooms, including the plenary hall, the conference rooms and conference rooms, as well as to all traffic areas and lifts in the buildings," announced the Bundestag. The parliamentary groups are strongly advised to adopt appropriate regulations for their premises as well.

The mouth and nose cover can be removed when you are in your seat in a boardroom or conference room or in the plenary hall, according to the Bundestag – provided you are at least 1.50 meters away from others. Speakers at the lectern and microphone in the hall are also allowed to take off their masks, as can presidents who lead a meeting.

Fine of up to 25,000 euros

Anyone who can prove with a medical certificate that wearing mouth and nose protection is unreasonable can therefore switch to a visor. "The mouth and nose cover can be taken off in the office and at the workplace, provided that the room is used alone or the minimum distance of 1.50 meters to other people can be maintained or there is a suitable partition from other places," said the Bundestag With.

According to the information, violations can be punished with a fine of up to 25,000 euros or a fine of up to 5000 euros.