Mask requirement in the bundestag: afd has schauble warned

At the beginning of the month, Bundestag President Schauble tightened the rules in the Bundestag and introduced a mask requirement in parliament. The AfD feels bullied and is now giving Schauble an ultimatum.

Several MPs and employees of the AfD parliamentary group in the Bundestag do not want to wear mouth and nose protection in parliament from next week. You have therefore sent Bundestag President Wolfgang Schauble a warning through a lawyer with the request to submit a declaration of discontinuance.

Schauble should undertake to repeal the general decree on the mask requirement. The CDU politician will be given an ultimatum until Friday morning.

Domestic rights do not apply to clothing

The lawyer’s letter states that Schauble has domiciliary rights in the Bundestag. However, this does not extend to the question of the clothing in which the MPs exercise their mandate. The legislature alone would have been empowered to make a mask requirement mandatory in the rooms of parliament. The Bundestag administration confirmed receipt of the letter. This will now be checked by the judiciary, said a spokesman.

The mask requirement ordered by Schauble has been in effect since October 6th. According to the Bundestag administration, it is provisionally valid until January 17th "for all rooms, including the plenary hall, conference rooms and conference rooms, as well as for all traffic areas and lifts in the buildings".

Fine of up to 25,000 euros

The mouth and nose cover can be removed when you are in your seat in a boardroom or conference room or in the plenary hall, according to the Bundestag – provided you are at least 1.50 meters away from others. Speakers at the lectern and microphone in the hall are also allowed to take off their masks, as can presidents who lead a meeting.

According to the information, violations can be punished with a fine of up to 25,000 euros or a fine of up to 5000 euros.

19 MPs against the mask requirement

The AfD parliamentary group had already decided to take action against it in court. Your legal advisor Stephan Brandner now said that the AfD is doing the warning on a small scale, what he would like the citizens outside of parliament. These should sue against "state harassment": "Attacks nonsensical state regulations in court."

Brandner represents 19 members of the AfD and nine members of the parliamentary group in the matter. The parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel is one of the MPs.