Ex-us security advisor flynn pleads guilty

Pressure on the Trump administration is growing: Former National Security Advisor Flynn has pleaded guilty because of his false statements about his contacts with Russia. Special investigator Mueller also has a "very high person in charge" from Trump’s team in his sights.

In connection with the Russia affair, the former national security advisor to US President Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, pleaded guilty to false statements to the FBI. In a federal court in Washington, Flynn said he wanted to cooperate fully with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This could also bring other current or former employees of the Trump administration to statements in the affair of contacts with Russia.

Specifically, Mueller’s allegations concern Flynn’s allegation that at a meeting with the then Russian ambassador Sergei Kisljak in the United States, he did not talk about the Russia sanctions imposed by outgoing President Barack Obama. Flynn had called Kisljak in December 2016, a few weeks before President Trump’s administration took office.

Flynn knowingly made "false, fictitious and fraudulent statements" about the content of these phone calls, according to Mueller’s document.

Tight employee of the President burdened

In his statement, Flynn also incriminated a close associate of the President. Without naming the person, Flynn said a senior member of Trump’s transition team had managed his contacts with Russia.

According to Mueller, Flynn did not contact the Russian government in December 2016 on his own initiative, but on the instructions of a "very high person in charge" in Trump’s team. Flynn spoke to the Russian ambassador about the sanctions imposed on Russia by the then incumbent President Barack Obama.

A White House attorney said Flynn’s testimony did not incriminate anyone in the White House.

Stock exchanges give way

Flynn’s statements also influenced the stock market: The US standard value index Dow Jones turned into the red and lost 0.8 percent within minutes. In its wake, the Dax expanded its losses and fell 0.9 percent.

Flynn is one of the central figures in FBI special investigator Robert Mueller’s investigation into the alleged influence of Russia on the US election and possible links of Trump’s campaign team to Moscow. The former lieutenant general was considered a close confidante of the president and is the fourth defendant in the case.

Resigned after a few weeks

Because of his false information about his contacts with Kisljak, Flynn resigned as National Security Advisor in February after only three and a half weeks in office.

After Flynn’s resignation in February 2017, the White House protested his innocence, but at the same time declared that he had "undermined trust". Fearing that Flynn could be blackmailed by the Russian side, Democrats and Republicans called for an investigation into the background after the resignation.

The hearing on the sentence for the former national security advisor should take place in three months, the investigators said.