Marsalek apparently wants to face

Former Wirecard board member Jan Marsalek, who was sought by an arrest warrant, apparently wants to face himself – and hopes that this will bring advantages.

Like his former boss Markus Braun, Jan Marsalek is also hoping for exemption from prison. As the "Suddeutsche Zeitung" reports, citing "connoisseurs" of the Munich investigation, Marsalek intends to face the Munich I public prosecutor at the beginning of next week.

His plan is to be spared from pre-trial detention in return for bail and further conditions. Marsalek was considered a close confidante of the fallen Markus Braun by the payment processor Wirecard.

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Ex-world champion pauline schafer: serious allegations against gymnastics trainer

Gymnastics star Pauline Schafer had been harassed by her trainer for years, but when she decided to "no longer just be the little gymnastics robot", it had become "particularly bad". At least that’s what the former balance beam world champion says in the magazine "Der Spiegel".

The 23-year-old shepherd says she is tired of being silent. With five other gymnasts, she makes serious allegations against a trainer at the federal base in Chemnitz.

It’s about training beyond the pain threshold, mental humiliation, diet compulsion: According to this, shepherds and co. – even as minors – were exposed to psychological violence during training, inappropriate methods were used and medication was administered without a doctor’s order.

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Scandal at the eu summit: sarkozy snaps at cameron

At the EU summit, there was a rough exchange between French President Sarkozy and the British Prime Minister. Apparently annoyed by Cameron’s advice to save the euro, Sarkozy burst his collar and grumbled at him. And not only that – Cameron is under pressure in London too.

By Torsten Huhn, NDR radio studio in London

These are uncomfortable days for British Prime Minister David Cameron: at the EU summit in Brussels, he was violently attacked by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. And at home he faces a rebellion by EU opponents in his own group.

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Ex-vw boss winterkorn also comes to court for market manipulation

In addition to fraud, the former VW CEO Winterkorn also has to answer in court for alleged market manipulation. He is said to have informed investors in the diesel scandal too late.

Former VW boss Martin Winterkorn also has to go to court on charges of market manipulation. This was announced by the competent chamber of the Braunschweig Regional Court. This means that there will not only be fraud proceedings against the ex-manager, but also criminal proceedings for allegedly too late information from investors in the diesel scandal.

The court stated that Winterkorn should "have deliberately not informed the capital market in good time" despite knowledge of the installation of an inadmissible defeat device (…) and the considerable financial risk that has been emerging since spring 2015 (…). The indictment of the Braunschweig public prosecutor’s office was therefore admitted to the main hearing unchanged.

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Public service and public transport: where there is a strike?

The ver.di union and the German Association of Officials are continuing their warning strikes this week. This time too, public transport and municipal facilities such as daycare centers and nursing homes are affected.

Who is striking for what?

There are currently warning strikes in two collective bargaining disputes: in the public service of the federal government and municipalities and in local public transport. Ver.di and the German Association of Officials (dbb) are demanding 4.8 percent more money per month, at least 150 euros, for a contract period of twelve months for the nationwide 2.3 million employees of the federal government and municipalities. The remuneration of the trainees is to be increased by 100 euros, the partial retirement regulations are to be improved and the working hours in the east are to be aligned with those in the west. Two rounds of negotiations have ended unsuccessfully, a third is for the 22./23. Scheduled for October.

Ver.di calls for nationwide collective bargaining for the 87,000 employees in local public transport. So-called sectoral collective agreements are currently in force there, and they differ greatly from state to state. Therefore, the union would like to supplement this against a nationwide uniform regulation. Public transport is also part of the public service, but the two collective bargaining conflicts have nothing to do with each other.

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Saxony-anhalt: haseloff dismisses interior minister

A government crisis threatens in Saxony-Anhalt in the dispute over the radio license. After Interior Minister Stahlknecht had brought a CDU minority government into play, Prime Minister Haseloff kicked him out.

Saxony-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff has State Interior Minister Holger Stahlknecht dismissed. During the Prime Minister’s ongoing efforts to stabilize the "Kenya coalition", Stahlknecht had "uncoordinated" and "publicly suggested the breach of the coalition and the possibility of a minority government formed solely by the CDU," declared the State Chancellery.

Haseloff emphasized that, especially in view of the corona pandemic, his goal was still to "lead a government that is capable of acting in every respect and that also has reliable majorities in the state parliament". The relationship of trust necessary for this, which is particularly necessary in the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior, was "so severely disturbed by Stahlknecht’s actions that he can no longer belong to the state government". He has already given Stahlknecht the certificate of discharge.

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Ex-wirecard manager marsalek allegedly in moscow

The former Wirecard board member Marsalek, who is said to have played a key role in the accounting scandal, is under secret service supervision in Russia, according to a media report. Domestically, the pressure on the federal government is growing.

According to a newspaper report, the fleeting ex-board member of the Munich-based financial services provider Wirecard, Jan Marsalek, has gone to Russia. As the "Handelsblatt" writes, citing business, judicial and diplomatic circles, the manager is housed on an estate near Moscow under the supervision of the Russian military intelligence agency GRU. Previously, Marsalek is said to have made considerable sums of money in the form of bitcoins from Dubai to Russia.

According to the investigative platform "Bellingcat", Marsalek flew from Klagenfurt via Tallin to Minsk in Belarus on the day he was released from Wirecard in mid-June, the "Handelsblatt" added. Because of the political conflict between Russia and Belarus (Belarus) it was probably too risky for the GRU to leave Marsalek in the neighboring country. That’s why he was taken to Russia.

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Ex-vw boss winterkorn also indicted in germany

In the diesel scandal, the Braunschweig public prosecutor brought charges against the former VW boss Winterkorn – among other things for serious fraud. In addition to Winterkorn, four other people were charged.

In the US, the Stock exchange regulator Volkswagen and the former CEO Martin Winterkorn already accused of fraud against investors, now the legal processing of the diesel scandal is entering a new round in Germany. In the scandal surrounding illegal defeat devices, the Braunschweig public prosecutor brought charges against the ex-CEO. The responsible chief public prosecutor Klaus Ziehe spoke of an important intermediate step. The responsible regional court in Braunschweig must now decide whether to admit the indictment.

Particularly serious case of fraud

The lawsuit is directed against five executives who have committed "a plurality of criminal offenses in a single criminal act". It is about a particularly serious case of fraud and a violation of the law against unfair competition. The time of the offense extends from November 15, 2006 to September 22, 2015. The accused had deliberately concealed the existence of an illegal defeat device that reduced the emission values ​​of diesel cars on the test bench, according to the public prosecutor.

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Ex-wirecard manager marsalek went into hiding in belarus?

Immigration registers indicate that the former deputy chief of Wirecard may have gone to Belarurs. Marsalek has been on the run since his release in June. He is considered a key figure in the fraud scandal.

According to a report, the fleeting ex-board member of the Munich-based financial services provider Wirecard, Jan Marsalek, could be in Belarus. In the Russian entry and exit register, which also includes neighboring Belarus, an entry for Marsalek can be found just hours after his exemption from Wirecard, reported the magazine "Der Spiegel".

Reference to a "one-time flight"

Marsalek entered Belarus shortly after midnight via the airport in the capital Minsk on the night of June 18-19. The "Spiegel" referred to joint research with the investigative platforms "Bellingcat" from Great Britain, "The Insider" from Russia and "McClatchy Report" from the USA. 

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