Marshall plan for greece is painstaking detail work

Too much is being saved in Greece and too little is being invested in building a competitive economy. That is a common accusation. But the EU already changed direction in part last year. Funding should be used more quickly and flow into promising projects.

By Wolfgang Landmesser, WDR radio studio in Brussels

New Deal, Marshall Plan or Hercules Plan: In great terms, politics is quick to get involved when it comes to economic development in the almost bankrupt state of Greece.

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Marsalek apparently wants to face

Former Wirecard board member Jan Marsalek, who was sought by an arrest warrant, apparently wants to face himself – and hopes that this will bring advantages.

Like his former boss Markus Braun, Jan Marsalek is also hoping for exemption from prison. As the "Suddeutsche Zeitung" reports, citing "connoisseurs" of the Munich investigation, Marsalek intends to face the Munich I public prosecutor at the beginning of next week.

His plan is to be spared from pre-trial detention in return for bail and further conditions. Marsalek was considered a close confidante of the fallen Markus Braun by the payment processor Wirecard.

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Ex-trump adviser bannon rejects allegations of fraud

For the “We Build The Wall” campaign, Trump’s ex-advisor Bannon raised millions in donations. He probably picked off part of it for himself. After his arrest, he denies all allegations.

The former chief strategist of US President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, pleaded not guilty after his arrest on suspicion of fraud. Judge Stewart Aaron ruled in New York that Bannon would be released on bail of five million dollars. Aaron also imposed a travel ban for areas outside of the northeastern United States. Bannon has to hand in his passport. Trump distanced himself from his former advisor.

Bannon was arrested on a yacht off the coast of Connecticut, according to prosecutors. New York prosecutors have accused him and three other suspects of having diverted money from an online fundraiser to build a wall on the border with Mexico. The non-profit organization called "We Build the Wall" has raised more than $ 25 million from hundreds of thousands of donors.

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Ex-world champion pauline schafer: serious allegations against gymnastics trainer

Gymnastics star Pauline Schafer had been harassed by her trainer for years, but when she decided to "no longer just be the little gymnastics robot", it had become "particularly bad". At least that’s what the former balance beam world champion says in the magazine "Der Spiegel".

The 23-year-old shepherd says she is tired of being silent. With five other gymnasts, she makes serious allegations against a trainer at the federal base in Chemnitz.

It’s about training beyond the pain threshold, mental humiliation, diet compulsion: According to this, shepherds and co. – even as minors – were exposed to psychological violence during training, inappropriate methods were used and medication was administered without a doctor’s order.

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Scandal at the eu summit: sarkozy snaps at cameron

At the EU summit, there was a rough exchange between French President Sarkozy and the British Prime Minister. Apparently annoyed by Cameron’s advice to save the euro, Sarkozy burst his collar and grumbled at him. And not only that – Cameron is under pressure in London too.

By Torsten Huhn, NDR radio studio in London

These are uncomfortable days for British Prime Minister David Cameron: at the EU summit in Brussels, he was violently attacked by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. And at home he faces a rebellion by EU opponents in his own group.

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Exxonmobil leaves dow jones: big oil suddenly becomes very small

The oil giant ExxonMobil was a member of the Dow Jones for almost 100 years, now it’s over. The oil industry has determined the fate of the world for decades, but it is becoming less important. The industry is hoping for Donald Trump’s re-election.

Oil giants such as ExxonMobil, Shell and Chevron can feel the world changing. The importance of fossil fuels is waning as technology stocks boom and climb from record to record. The old economy is in crisis. This can even be seen in the Dow Jones Industrial, the world’s most famous stock index.

ExxonMobil, the longest-standing company in the Dow at 92, has now to leave the index. In 1928 the largest US oil and gas company was included in the Dow under the name Standard Oil of New Jersey.

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S-bahn car park in filderstadt-bernhausen: 40 parking spaces blocked as a precaution

Barrier tapes mark the area in which it is not possible to park. Photo: Thomas Kramer

On Tuesday, during a routine check in the S-Bahn parking garage in Filderstadt-Bernhausen, cracks were discovered in a carrier. Where do they come from and what’s next?

Bernhausen – If you want to park your vehicle in the P + R parking garage at the S-Bahn station in Bernhausen these days, you may have more problems finding a free parking space at the moment. Around 40 of the 350 parking spaces have been cordoned off with white and red plastic straps since Tuesday. The reason for this is damage to one of the internal, vertical steel girders in the eastern area of ​​the building. "During his regular routine checks, the parking attendant discovered cracks around one and a half meters long on two floors," says Jan Meier from the Filderstadt municipal utility, which operates the car park. As a precaution, mobile supports were set up in this area to relieve the girder and to avoid further damage. Parking is not possible there for the time being. "There is no danger to safety," emphasizes Meier, who immediately called in specialist engineers to have the damage assessed. The engineers are now also carefully examining other parts of the parking garage. “A point with corrosion was discovered in the area of ​​the charging station,” says Meier.

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S-bahn in filderstadt: ob sees the only way every 15 minutes

Around 10,000 commuters use the route to Filderstadt every day. Photo: Julia Bosch archive

From a technical point of view, the S-Bahn could already commute to Filderstadt-Bernhausen at a faster pace. The mayor of Filderstadt annoys that it doesn’t do it and that it could stay that way for a while.

Filderstadt – The mayor of Filderstadt, Christoph Traub, responded to the news that the Stuttgart Region Association would recommend the transport committee not to introduce the 15-minute cycle for the S-Bahn to Filderstadt-Bernhausen as early as 2021. The Greens in the regional parliament had made a corresponding request. According to the administration of the association, it should first be waited, because "due to the mixed traffic with long-distance and regional trains", "further coordination in the ongoing discussions on the Stuttgart 21 destination timetable is necessary".

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Ex-vw boss winterkorn also comes to court for market manipulation

In addition to fraud, the former VW CEO Winterkorn also has to answer in court for alleged market manipulation. He is said to have informed investors in the diesel scandal too late.

Former VW boss Martin Winterkorn also has to go to court on charges of market manipulation. This was announced by the competent chamber of the Braunschweig Regional Court. This means that there will not only be fraud proceedings against the ex-manager, but also criminal proceedings for allegedly too late information from investors in the diesel scandal.

The court stated that Winterkorn should "have deliberately not informed the capital market in good time" despite knowledge of the installation of an inadmissible defeat device (…) and the considerable financial risk that has been emerging since spring 2015 (…). The indictment of the Braunschweig public prosecutor’s office was therefore admitted to the main hearing unchanged.

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Extremism in the police: scholz announces racism study

"There will be a study" – says Vice Chancellor Scholz about the debate about racism in German security authorities. Interior Minister Seehofer had specifically rejected this last. Even now there is apparently still a disagreement about the title of the study.

Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that the federal government wanted to investigate racism within the police. "There will be a study," said the SPD politician loudly WDR. "We’re still thinking about what to call them." He exchanges ideas "every other day" with Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

According to information from the "Rheinische Post", a solution is emerging. Seehofer has repeatedly rejected a racism study that only focuses on the police. However, he was open to investigating the security authorities as part of a comprehensive study on racism in society.

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